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Action Girl! Here's all you ever wanted to know about Action Girl Comics, heart of all my Action Girl Projects. (That's Action Girl herself to the left.) Here at Action Girl Central, you'll find all sorts of Action Girl-related stuff -- info, links, fun stuff to do...and the predecessor to Action Girl, the Action Girl Newsletter is online here as well  along with other zine information. Cooking, toys, links, how-to-info, how to get the comics and what's in them -- you'll find all that and more here. For more information about me, come hang out in our parlor with Evan and me -- for more information about Action Girl, just keep reading!! IMPORTANT NOTE: Because I was frankly trying to do too much in this one section, I've finally done what I've always wanted and started another site to include all my non-comic/pop-culture. The cooking class has already moved over (and is being updated soon!) and other how-tos and things will be moving over too. If you don't find something, look there, or just come visit me and check out the new stuff going on at Jinjur.com!!

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A complete introduction and editorial, covering the purpose and philosophy of Action Girl Comics (as well as my own -- philosophy, that is, not purpose). Details on current goings-on, action how-to-tips, behind the scenes gossip (well, okay, no real gossip), fan art and more!

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Details on the newest issue (#18, out in mid-August) will be up soon.

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Your one-stop zine info shop! How to order zines, questions about zines answered, a guide to do your own zine, the Action Girl Newsletter, the little newsletter that could (The very first official Action Girl project.) And now -- Kikizine online! Come visit!

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Check out the current links, or peruse the Hall of Fame, a round up of the best links that have appeared in this section -- girl approved web sites from all over -- covering cool girl stuff, action info, comics and lots more fun.

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All the Action Stuff you've ever wanted -- details on every issue available, t-shirts and how to order them. Go spend some money!!

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Action Girl's Guide to Female Action Figures is on the web too -- go check it out for all you've ever wanted to know about, well, girl action figures!

Still got any questions about Action Girl? Feel free to write me and ask away! Be patient, I will answer everything eventually, I promise!!!
Those of you that still prefer to put pen to paper (I actually do, myself) can reach me at:
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