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Slot Machines: The Myths vs the Facts

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Playing slot machines online can offer the same thrill as spending time in a casino. It’s all about entertainment, plus playing slots online doesn’t usually imply the risks associated with gambling. Still, with the apparition of these online slots games, all sorts of myths revolving around winning also spread all to the internet. Sure ‘tips’ and crazy slots winning ‘myths’ lead many players to disillusion and they tend to forget that the main purpose of these online slots machine is having fun. Do you enjoy slot machines? Then get informed and try to understand what exactly it is you’re playing and what you’ll get out of it.

Myth: The speed of spinning matters in the slots games outcome.

Whether you spin the slot machine reels at a standard pace or just set the spinning on fast, this won’t increase the chances of winning or the speed at which you win or lose. It just rolls the reels faster or more slowly, yet the outcome of it will be independent of that. wheel-of-fun

Fact: Randomness is the keyword

Your chances at winning at slots machines are absolutely random, because the machines themselves display random results. Players or ‘experts’ can’t employ magic solutions or complicated algorithms that would alter results in any way.

Myth: Time of Day Matters

Other than the time of day when you are bound to collect the free bonus coins usually offered within slots games, winning greater amounts of coins at certain hours of the day is just a myth. Winning at online slots machines is not dependent on the time of day, day of the week or month.  Cinderella-FullScreenPay

Fact: How much you bet matters

If you really want to influence the amounts you win, there is actually something you can easily do. Usually, betting higher triggers higher wins within the slot machine whenever a winning combo displays on the reels. The higher the bet, the bigger the amounts won. This is particularly true for all House of Fun slots machines.

Myth: The time span between winnings matters.

People believe that, for instance, if they hit a jackpot at a certain time, they will not hit another one for at least 1 hour, 2 or more, so why keep playing?! In fact, as mentioned above, each spin delivers random results and they are independent events, therefore the result of spinning will definitely be random too, it may bring lucky wins or it may bring 0 coins. beast

Fact: House of Fun slots games are intended for entertainment only, not for real money.

All House of Fun slots machines were designed with the players in mind, for them to have fun and experience the casino atmosphere from the comfort of their own home and without the risk element of real money gambling. . So take it as it really is, all fun, glamour and thrills – take the fun and enjoy it to the maximum!

New Player? No problem – get informed and have fun playing slots!

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Slot machines are very popular worldwide and are preferred by many tourists who visit the Las Vegas casino floors every year. Several years ago, this passion for slot machines expanded in the online world, making this type of casino game more accessible from anywhere, anytime.

It’s a flashy, bright and colorful world that can sometimes seem rather complicated to the untrained eye. If you’ve just begun to discover this magic world of slots machines, here are some basic terms that throw some light onto these games and what they’re all about:

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Social casino games = Casino games played for fun, without the risk of real gambling, that replicate the atmosphere of Vegas slot machines through graphics, sounds and prizes consisting in virtual gold coins.

Bet = The number of gold coins a player needs to ‘invest’ in order to be able to start playing a slot game.

Max Bet = The maximum number of gold coins one is allowed to bet when playing an online slots game.

Payout = The number of gold coins a player wins at the end or during the social casino slot game.

Bonus = A certain number of free gold coins that is awarded to players on different occasions, as promotional offer, or when winning certain challenges inside the game itself.

Coins = The virtual currency used in social casino gaming, without real world value, but valuable inside the slot game.

Jackpot = A big prize that can be won inside the game when a certain pre-established combination of symbols appears on the slot machine reels.

Progressive Jackpot = A jackpot which increases based on the number of gold coins placed as bet by the player – the higher the bet, the bigger the jackpot that can be awarded.

Wild = A winning symbol or card within the slot game that triggers winnings when appearing in pre-established combination of symbols. It often can replace other symbols to create more winning combinations.

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Stay tuned for more interesting info, tips and facts about free slots games playing…

House of Fun – Play Online Casino Games To Reduce Stress

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1024x768In our last article on this topic, we looked into social gaming, social casino included, from a different, interesting perspective – that of its benefits for players: memory boost, social interaction, easier pain management… Since there are more, let’s touch upon some other ways in which social casino games could make lives better!

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No Stress, Just Fun

When you play for fun, you’re bound to get the right quantity of fun in return. Online or mobile free slots games fall in the exact same category. Playing free slots online, for fun, without the risk that usually accompanies real gambling and without the resulting losses, eliminates the stress and consequently reduces adrenaline response. Thus, at House of Fun, we’re all about offering the fun part of casino games – all fun and no risks.


Make Faster Decisions

Many people are never pleased with the speed of their reactions, or the slower pace in which they learn new information or understand new concepts. It seems that gaming is able to help with such abilities, as social casino games have indeed a quick pace. In case of slots, the reels roll down quite fast so that it’s quite challenging for the players to spot the winning symbols, their attention is always in alert. The faster the important information is displayed, the more quickly the players need to adapt. That’s why, according to recent studies, such fast-paced social games improve players’ time of reaction.

Curb Cravings, See Better

How about getting rid of nasty cravings? Studies showed that after spending time playing games, social games included, players become less inclined to overeat or drink, or even smoke.

How about improving eye sight? It seems that after many weeks of observing players with eye sight issues playing games, researchers found significant improvement in players’ capability to see and differentiate better among different nuances of color. You should only see the color palette of House of Fun Android slots games!


3gods_ImmortalsRead More, Get Informed

Some of the slot machines have fascinating themes – ancient Egypt, fairy tale characters, mythical creatures, Wild, Wild West or Asian themes, legends or fiction-related themes and more. Both the characters and the stories illustrated in the slot games may push players to learn more about the respective slot games topics, get more informed, gain more knowledge. And knowledge empowers…


House of Fun Social Casino Gaming – Play Free Slots, Socialize, Feel Better

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Playing social games has been a controversial topic for discussion and an important matter for study during the past years. Young and old players see online games as entertainment, but maybe few of them realize that, according to new research, playing games (video, strategy, social casino, board, trivia games) is both improving brain function and meeting human social needs.

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Great Brain Workout

Online games, slots games included, may be a great tool for ‘working out’ the brain. While we’re usually making use of certain parts of the brain, some others are less active.1920x1080 Slots Games focus on logic, memory speed, attention, and so on, such that they may be considered a tool helping out with slowing the aging process. At House of Fun, players challenge their cognitive brain functions constantly, as they need to make appeal to logic, attention, or even their knowledge of basic math when calculating bets and keeping a good enough coin balance in the game. And when these efforts are rewarded with big wins, the benefits of playing simply double.

Sweet Medicine

The social casino games may help ease pain. Physical or emotional in nature, any pain is bound to be reduced in intensity or even forgotten while the body and the brain are immersed in playing.Glorious Egypt Bet House of Fun will help players distract themselves from pain by paying attention to the many elements included in the slot machines: game theme (ancient Egypt, fairy tale characters, seasonal slots games), total bet necessary to qualify for progressive jackpots, coin balance, challenges and their deadlines, winning symbols and so on. All elements, paired with the joy of being able to spin freely a favorite slots game, may turn playing into a sort of pain-killer therapy.

Social Life Boost

Making new social connections is one of the many perks of playing House of Fun slots. When installing the game, you get much more than just free slots. There comes one of the biggest online communities of players – where you can get lots of bonuses, special offers or sales, but where you can also connect with players from around the world. You can bring your friends to join this community too, and then send or exchange gifts and bonuses via House of Fun online community. Slots games can thus be a good reason for you to hang out with friends more – even if online.



Stay tuned for more benefits of free slots games playing…