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Ask for it by name…unless you're too embarassed.

What's New?
Dork #10 has just shipped.

What's Dork!?
Published by Slave Labor Graphics, Dork is a one-man anthology comic featuring the work of Evan Dorkin — America's cartoon sweetheart, and Norway's greatest enemy. Many of the strips appearing in Dork are reprints from various obscure and non-comic sources — some strips originally appeared in the Simon and Schuster book Generation Ecch!, the magazinesEsquire, Deadline (R.I.P), and Reflex, zines such as Mad Planet, and comic anthologies such as Epic Lite, Instant Piano, Dark Horse's Urban Legends and others.Each issue is balanced out with all-new material, editorial pages and general nonsense. Recurring features appearing in Dork include:

the Eisner-Award-winning Eltingville Comic-Book, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Role-Playing Club —watch in horror as club members Josh, Pete, Bill and Jerry live 24 hours a day in a fantasy world of Star Wars, comic books, action figures and Magic the Gathering, all at the expense of a social life and personal hygiene. Pray you're not a member! A pilot of the club was produced for the Cartoon Network—updates on that will be found at the front door

the Murder Family, a comic strip "t.v. show" featuring the Rileys, America's psychotic sweethearts. They're a sitcom brood that solves typical tv problems with outbursts of physical violence, to audience laughter and applause. There's even station breaks and commercials! Now appearing in Spain in El Vibora magazine.

Milk & Cheese — this is their "moonlighting" gig when they're away from home.

Evan's Fisher Price Theater — see those childhood icons enact your favorite reading assignments — all complete and adapted in one to two pages. Shorter than cliff notes, and funnier too! See them at the X-magazine archives! Choose your adventure: "The Lottery"; "Of Mice and Men"; "Catcher in the Rye" page one & page two; or see 1984 in color in Dork #8!

Myron the Living Voodoo Doll; along with other recurring characters, and many (thankfully) non-recurring characters, Myron appears regularly in the Fun Strips series. Fun strips are what you wish was in the newspapers, unless you actually like crap like Cathy. In that case, Fun Strips are not for you, because Fun Strips are anti-Cathy! Or something like that. Anyway, other Fun Strips include Cat and Mouse, Nuclear Winter Comedy Theater and Phil the Disco Skinhead. Some of these strips are even funny! Honest!

Life's Great Rewards —a sporadic visual list of junk Evan likes.

The Devil Puppet — the enigmatic mascot of Dork He's a mystery even to the guy who draws him!

Dork bibliography

Dork #1

Strips include the second Murder Family strip, Fisher Price Theatre ("The Lottery" and "Catcher in the Rye"), some Fun Strips, Life's Great Rewards, "Oh Baby", and more.

Dork #2 (1st printing - May '94)

Strips include the first Murder Family strip (reprinted from Epic Lite), Kyle and Evan -Critics at large (live band reviews done as comics, reprinted from Reflex magazine), Fisher Price Theater ("Of Mice and Men"), some more Fun strips, "Baby...in the Microwave?" (reprinted from DHC's Urban Legends) and of course, more. The back cover reproduces the color strip "Hey Everybody —Are You Ready to Alternative Rock?" from the August '93 Esquire magazine.

Dork #3

Strips include the Generation Ecch! interior comics done for the book "Generation Ecch!", even more Fun strips, the Eltingville Club's third "adventure", "Mystery Date", and a Milk and Cheese strip that hardly features Milk and Cheese in it. Oh —and more! The back cover reproduces the Fugazi piece done for a Deadline cover, painted by Sarah Dyer.

Dork #4

Georgina cover. This issue contains: an all-new Murder Family story, "Death and Taxidermy", featuring cover girl Georgina; the Eisner award-winning Eltingville Club story, "Marathon Men"; 3 all-new Fun Pages; a 2-page semi/anti/letters page (in comic form); plus 2 more pages from Instant Piano.

Dork #5

Devil Puppet Hypnosis cover. This issue contains: tons of Fun! 12 pages of Fun Strips, to be exact; several short strips; and the Devil Puppet's first solo outing, "The Invisible College".

Dork #6

Eltingville/Northwest Clubs dual/duel cover. This issue is a flip book! One side features the one-shot "alternative Eltingville" story, "The Northwest Comix Collective". The other features the beloved Eltingville Club in the Eisner award-winning "Bring Me The Head Of Boba Fett", as well as their self-titled first appearance, and the story "Captain's Log".

Dork #7

Stranded At the Crossroads cover. This issue features the quasi-autobiographical stories "What Does it Look Like I'm Doing?" and "Cluttered Like My Head". The stars of this issue are the Devil Puppet and Evan himself. Nominated for two Eisner Awards.

Dork #8

Evil Clown cover. This issue marks a return to the anthology gag strip format, ith lots of new characters and material. Includes an eight page color section!

Dork #9

Drawing Table cover. Includes an all-new Eltingville Club strip, the first new Murder Family episode in over three years, and more Fun (featuring Myron the Voodoo Doll, Phil the Disco Skinhead and the final Latchkey Kids installment)

Dork #10

Burn the Comic Shop cover. At last! It's the latest issue, featuring The Invisible College of Secret Knowledge, covering the Great Macy's Balloon Hunt of 1929, and the real motivation behind Dr. Frederic Wertham's anti-comics crusade of the '50's. Eltingville Club Secretary of Science Fiction Josh Levy feuds with the host of a home-shopping comic book show, live on the air. Also, "How to Get Your Ass Kicked in 3 E-Z Lessons", "Mighty Carl Jung", a second look at "Advertising Characters of Yesteryear", and other odds and ends designed to amuse and delight.

Dorky Stuff

There are now three cool Dork t-shirts available — first up, a color Murder Family T-shirt, featuring Georgina Riley, which was worn by Roseanne on her sitcom of all places.

Also available is a six-color Eltingville Club T-shirt design, with a black and white slogan on the reverse side that reads — "Honorary Member".

And newest is a cool Devil Puppet shirt, based on the rejected Zippo art (can you guess what they didn't like about it?) see right for art

There are also two cool Dork-related Zippo Lighters available from Flamerite, joining the Milk & Cheese lighters you know and love — Georgina and the Devil Puppet.

Shirts and Zippos are available from Slave Labor Graphics, (along with all of the books, of course). Visit the website to order online.

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