For those of you who have never heard of Hectic Planet, here's a super-brief history:
Four issues of Pirate Corp$! were published by Eternity Comics in the 80s (in color, yet!) -- that earliest incarnation was more or less a slapstick space opera adventure, although with obvious touches that could only come from the mind of Evan Dorkin. The book was cancelled, but a year later, Slave Labor decided to pick it up (Publisher Dan Vado having a weak moment, obviously), and Pirate Corp$! Special #1 was published. Pirate Corp$! #1-5 followed, and with issue 6, the name was changed to Hectic Planet to reflect the change in the focus of the book.

After Hectic Planet #6 came out, the next group of stories appeared in Dark Horse Presents (in 1997). And all work previous to #5 was then collected in trade paperback form.

For those of you who are missing installments, here's a list of exactly what's come out and what's still in print and available in the Hectic Shop.

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