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1024x768In our last article on this topic, we looked into social gaming, social casino included, from a different, interesting perspective – that of its benefits for players: memory boost, social interaction, easier pain management… Since there are more, let’s touch upon some other ways in which social casino games could make lives better!

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No Stress, Just Fun

When you play for fun, you’re bound to get the right quantity of fun in return. Online or mobile free slots games fall in the exact same category. Playing free slots online, for fun, without the risk that usually accompanies real gambling and without the resulting losses, eliminates the stress and consequently reduces adrenaline response. Thus, at House of Fun, we’re all about offering the fun part of free casino games – all fun and no risks.

Make Faster Decisions

Many people are never pleased with the speed of their reactions, or the slower pace in which they learn new information or understand new concepts. It seems that gaming is able to help with such abilities, as social casino games have indeed a quick pace. In case of slots, the reels roll down quite fast so that it’s quite challenging for the players to spot the winning symbols, their attention is always in alert. The faster the important information is displayed, the more quickly the players need to adapt. That’s why, according to recent studies, such fast-paced social games improve players’ time of reaction.

Curb Cravings, See Better

How about getting rid of nasty cravings? Studies showed that after spending time playing games, social games included, players become less inclined to overeat or drink, or even smoke.

How about improving eye sight? It seems that after many weeks of observing players with eye sight issues playing games, researchers found significant improvement in players’ capability to see and differentiate better among different nuances of color. You should only see the color palette of House of Fun Android slots games!


3gods_ImmortalsRead More, Get Informed

Some of the slot machines have fascinating themes – ancient Egypt, fairy tale characters, mythical creatures, Wild, Wild West or Asian themes, legends or fiction-related themes and more. Both the characters and the stories illustrated in the slot games may push players to learn more about the respective slot games topics, get more informed, gain more knowledge. And knowledge empowers…


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